Gifts of Hope Unlimited has been such as asset to my department and to the residents I serve. The board members have a wealth of information about domestic violence and available resources, stemming from personal experiences as domestic violence advocates. In addition, as Metrowest residents and active volunteers for a variety of non-profits, they are attuned to the needs of the community. Board members reach out regularly to inquire about ways to support residents in need. Their immediate response connects residents with needed resources that they would not otherwise be able to access. Whether they are collecting donations of gift cards, delivering diapers and household goods that residents are struggling to afford or providing emergency funding, the board members of Gifts of Hope Unlimited approach their work with compassion and share a desire to having an increasingly positive impact on the community they serve.

Bethany Hadvab

LICSW (Sudbury Board of Health Social Worker)

Gifts of Hope is an organization that is there to help those in need and who may be struggling to pay their bills and other financial assistance that may be needed. Facing huge financial concerns myself, Gifts of Hope was able to help pay for some of my monthly mortgage and helped take some of the stress away from paying this large sums of money. Thank you, Gifts of Hope!

GOHU Recipient

I called the resident to let her know. She laughed and cried tears of joy and shouted that she could not believe this. She shared with me that a month ago she was not sure if it would ever be possible to get her head above water. Today she exclaimed that she finally feels like it may be possible to regain her financial stability. You very literally gave her the gift of hope.

Domestic Violence Advocate

I spoke with a woman that GOHU helped out several times this past year. When we first met, she was behind in numerous bills, completely overwhelmed and feeling hopeless. When we spoke yesterday, she reported that while she’s living paycheck to paycheck, she is not behind in any current bills and has been better able to cope with the stress of her situation. Unlike in the past, there was very little anxiety in her tone, and she smiled when I told her how amazed I was at her ability to juggle so much so effectively.

Social Worker